“I want my secrets back.
I want my heart back.
I want all the words I
ever wasted on you

You don’t deserve them.” — 110/365 by (DS)

“I broke my rules for you, isn’t that enough?” — (via m-eowsex)

I want to be bigger than life for you.


After all that’s happened, things can never be the same.

“When something bothered me, I didn’t talk with anyone about it. I thought it over all by myself, came to a conclusion, and took action alone. Not that I really felt lonely. I thought that’s just the way things are. Human beings, in the final analysis, have to survive on their own.” — Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart (via ddiamondsinherveins)



“And you laugh like you’ve never been lonely. You laugh like there’s hope in the story.” — Ben Howard (via seelengekritzel)